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A new process description and a check list creates just as big organazational changes as a cookbook cooks food.

An improvement project is only finished when the desired behavioral change provides the expected results. To support the implementation, Whitebox has several ImprovAbility based services which are unique and adapted to technical organizations.
Success with this include e.g. organizing the improvement initiatives, that the management communicates goals and requirements, that the management uses a number of new tools, and that the the changes are made visible. It is also about getting new competences, typically through training and workshops. Lastly, changing is about communicating new knowledge, e.g. through internal or external networks.


A controlled process with Whitebox

The closer we are to your journey the more we can contribute with.

We have good experiences with quarterly workshops and ongoing cooperation. Together we will find a fitting format.

Organizational Change Success

Competence development

Competence development you won't find anywhere else

Competence development is the core in Whitebox's mission. We think in all types of learning and sometimes a classic course is the right choice but often other formats are better suited. We almost aways end up adapting the competence development to our customer and even our fixed courses are highly adapted to the participants.

Requirement specification - Kick start

ImprovAbility Leadership

ImprovAbility Benchmark


We become happy and proud when our customers learn from each other so this we gladly facilitate. Jørn has e.g. been the secretary for the organization Tecpoint for 25+ years.

Executive Process Improvement Network