Prioritation of
improvement initiatives

Shortly after an organization gain ambitions about improving and starts creating room for it, the improvement ideas starts popping up everywhere. Engineers and developers are naturally constructive and creative problem solvers. Whenever they work with something that does not work properly, they will want to fix it. Some will make sense and be of great value for the colleagues while other only having a small and local impact. But for the person behind the ideas, all of them have equal importance.

In the meantime there is only a strongly limited budget available, so it is crucial to prioritize the initiatives which have the biggest impact and the biggest chance of success.

Based on all the inputs, and with the ImprovAbility models tools, Whitebox can help you prioritize so that you obtain success with the initiatives which matters the most.

Prioritization of improvement initiatives

If there aren't at least twice as many improvement initiatives as the budget allows, then search hasn't been thorough enough.

It is therefore necessary to prioritize, and that might hurt a little. With Whitebox' help, the incomming improvement initiatives are evaluated against a "rational" scale which creates consensus about the priorities.


Full speed

Gain overview, control and maximum support to the running improvement initiatives.

An ImprovAbility Boost provides a control tool for the operative management and a reporting tool to the strategic management.

Prioritizing improvement initiatives is highly important. With the result, the motivation behind this prioritization between strategic needs, improvement initiatives and as a result Cxx-level desicion making is easier communicated throughout the organization.

ImproveAbility Boost