Ambitions for Denmark

"Danish companies should be better at exploiting the danish skill in creativity for making better business."

Getting ideas and developing products are some of the things we are proud of in Denmark. We are number 8 worldwide in getting good ideas. We should be very proud of that. But we are number 29 in utilizing the good ideas*, and thus we drop out biggest national potential for growth on the ground.

In collectively more than 100 years, Whitebox's partners has researched and adviced product developments. On that ground we help companies at becomming better at getting new products to the market. Whitebox is management advisors within development projects and product development.

We are passionate about making your company better at getting new products to market.

We are leading in development and employment of international models within change management and product development. We have carried out 500 assessments in companies with these. Thus we know what works. And most importantly - under which circumstances.

We have learned that everyone would like to deliver good quality if they can. Whitebox makes it possible.

We therefor dare to expect that Denmark will become capable at exploiting the exeptional growth potential.

Global Innovation Index 2018

The first sub-goal is

 "Denmarks ability to perform projects should get back to an international level"

The team behind Whitebox

Experience takes time, and doesn't come easily. The very foundation of Whitebox is experience, and lots of it! Read more about the team below, who collectively have done assessments of more than 14.000 professionals and helping over 750 companies. Equally important is the personal experience each Whitebox member brings to our costumers.

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Per Hartlev

Partner & CEO

It's difficult to become competent. It's even more difficult to link product development to the companies DNA, vision and strategy. It is here Per Harlev comes into play with more than 30 years of topmanagement experience e.g. as CEO for DELTA's 300 specialist with focus on product development.

Read more about Per
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Jørn Johansen


Few people have set as distinct footprints in the industies work with improving the ability to develop products. Jørns experience counts three business oriented research projects, on ISO/IEC standard and evaluations of more than 300 companies.
Read more about Jørn

Morten Korsaa


What works? Where does it work the best? Mortens key experience lies within assessments, recommendations, practical implementation of practices, and methods and tools in more than 250 companies around most of the world.
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Hans Christian Riis


As the youngest member of the Whitebox team, Hans Christian represent energy and ambition for finding great solutions for costumers based on working towards deeply understanding the needs and pains of the costumer. Solving the right "it" comes before solving "it" right.


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We are

Well-founded and accommodating

Through the last 15 years we have helped more than 500 companies with obtaining their unique competitive advantages with quick, cheap and more frequent releasing new products to the market. We are at a state in our lives where we decided to fully persue our dedication to make companies better at becomming better.

We show


We are shown a large trust when we are allowed to see deep into a companies mashine room. We reciprocate this trust by, for any cost, acting with great humility and respect for the people and development functions we will work with.

We work with an

Impartial dedication

We have a very large knowledge about standards generally and are in al modesty deeply familiar with models and methods for product development from around the world. We are therefor able to approach the tasks onimpartial terms.

We know of our customers busy schedule, so we take pride in being extremely goal oriented so that our costumers move forward as quick and cheap as possible.