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Whitebox is internationally leading in development and use of practices, models and standards. We gladly explain what the different parts in the toopbox can do for your company, but reserve a bit of time if you ask.


Whitebox are co-organizers of the EuroSPI conferences and as the permanent editor of the more than 1000 papers which has been published thed last 22 years, Whitebox has a solid foundation to give advice from as well as the best possible network to draw from.

ImprovAbility / ISO33014

Helps us design and execute changes at the customer. Whitebox has led the development and drives ImproveAbility Institute, an institute which develops the model and educate in its use.


We can design an assessment to cover precisely your need for factual knowledge about the company and we can execute the assessment with high efficiency.

Together we decide
Scope: Which departments are being assessed Domaine: Which processes, standards and models are we going to use Proof: How much written evidence should be present for a verbal statement

Light assessment

A standard two days assessment of a project/areas competences.


An assessment where the result is compared to data from the industry.


A broad evaluation of danish industies ability within product development made by DELTA and partners in 2014. Many interesting conclusions!

CMMI  /  ISO15504  / ISO33000

A framework which we use for benchmark assessments. Whitebox perform and educate companies and assessors in using the models.


The standard we measure the quality of the produced software against.


One is not always better than the other, but there are always one of them that are best. We use the paradigme which are most suitable for the situation without considering religious beliefs.

Function Points / SCOPE management

For keeping track on the functionel size of the delivery. Exactly like counting squaremeters of a house. We are best at FISMA (ISO29881).

ISO62304 / ISO82304 / ISO14971 / ISO13485 / …

Various domain standards (these being examples from the medico world). Whitebox has worked with a sufficient number to take on tasks in new areas, without extra costs for the customer.

Case for Quality

Medical Devices.

FDA is changing their paradigme for quality. The team is "from compliance to Quality" and is completely in line with Whitebox thinking. We believe that the regulatory world moves towards new and better times and Whitebox are looking forward to showing you the way.

Proof of Project

The fastest and most secure way to knowledge about the three most threatning risici for a project and what you can do to avoid them. An ImproveAbility product.

Proof of Strategy

The only way you can know whether you have chosen the right strategy for a change. An ImproveAbility product.

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SPI Manifest

Tells what we believe are important in process improvement projects.

PI Manager

An education we have helped create which dresses an experienced employee to lead process improvement projects / change projects in an organization.

Visual Project / 3-point estimation

We have often recommended 3-point estimation in assessment, to gain a more realistic way to estimate. This also create the possibility to apply statistics and thereby point out the really critical links of activities. Whith this overview, the focus can be put on the precise things which will minimize delays (input for risk analysis). The problem has so far been that there haven't been tools available. This is not a problem anymore - see and try this tool developed by MagicForce reciding in Arizona US in collaboration with Whitebox.

Product sheet 
Visual Project tool description

SPI Manifesto

The SPI manifest results from several experts work with what really is important when talking process improvements. Whitebox partners are very proud to have led and contributed to the manifesto, which is now used regularly as reference in all papers at EuroSPI.

SPI manifesto