All are now motivated for improvements

When I joined Miracle, I was personally curious to assess the company’s maturity and strengths / weaknesses. Conversely, especially the company’s development was less convinced of the necessity for such an analysis, believing that their experienced employees knew how to handle projects effectively. However, there was a consensus that having a common view and language, along with external and experienced consultants’ neutrality, would be beneficial for us.

Whitebox completed a maturity analysis for us within a week, providing us with a comprehensive overview of our strengths, weaknesses, and priorities. This helped motivate everyone to improve, and we voluntarily united to establish project groups with a focus on the priority areas. While we can handle most of the implementation ourselves, we have a senior executive attending Whitebox’s course to ensure our toolbox is in order. Whitebox is an experienced, efficient, and pragmatic consultancy that has helped to break down barriers among our consultants and developers. Their approach is highly effective, and I would highly recommend them.

Jan Skelbæk,  CEO,  Miracle A/S

Targetet upskilling

Since 2015, our collaboration with Whitebox, emphasizing process maturity, has provided us with a comprehensive understanding of our current strengths and untapped potential. This has helped us to establish a clear direction for our efforts to improve further, benefiting our customers, partners, and employees.

Rasmus Ødum,   Group COO,  COWI A/S

The Road to Maturity Level 5

We embarked on a mission to attain execution efficiency, transparency, and eliminate unexpected issues and subcultures. Initially, we emphasized project management, which later evolved into process quality and optimization. The most challenging phase was during the learning process to achieve level 2. The dedicated team at Whitebox has always been enthusiastic about assisting companies in becoming proficient in IT/product development. They are driven by a passion for the success of their clients, and they played a vital role in guiding Systematic towards achieving level 3.

Michael Holm,  CEO,  Systematic

Business Improvements Highlights

Engineering efficiency increased by 12% and realistic plans for a yearly 10% increase.
Efficiency of introducing new products with full documentation improved by 40% .
Change Order (ECO) handling lead time reduced by 50 % in 2017 Correction ECO’s decreased by 90 %
Increased Specific Practice implementation with 35% in ML2+3 PA’s

  “Using The ImprovAbilityTM model this way provided a structured and factual way of evaluating the maturity and impact of “efficiency projects” that will enable us to develop our organizational maturity and quality – visualized by the CMMI® mapping. The combination of ImprovAbilityTM and CMMI® assessments support our management to follow the improvement from case evaluation to full deployment”.

Peter Møller Jakobsen, VP PMO, Vestas A/S

Every business should have that discussion!

Thank you very much for your Proof of Strategy workshop on Tuesday. You did very well. You turned people from skeptics to followers.
I am well aware that there is a super-academic approach to and processing of the concept, but the beauty for me is that it is made easy to understand and work with. The questionnaire is relevant on several levels. Obviously, in order to get an idea of ​​what strategies we should use to succeed, but definitely also to challenge ourselves internally with regards to some very relevant
issues and attitudes.

Søren Huscher,  CEO,  Norient Product Pool

3-fold increase in efficiency in the R&D department

A simplification and streamlining of processes in the development department has resulted in more than 40% of time being spent on developing new products. Historically, this percentage was 12%, which means a fivefold increase in new product launches per year. CMMI has identified the strengths and weaknesses of the R&D organization and enabled the setting of an ambitious and realistic CMMI goal for the future. This has resulted in total alignment with marketing’s product launch deadlines.

Christian Engsted,  CEO,  Louis Poulsen A/S

Fruitful collaboration with Whitebox since 2015

As new owners of three of our technology companies, we chose to invest significant R&D resources in the development of new products and solutions for our customers. As part of this, we engaged Whitebox to continually assess and advise the companies’ development departments, ensuring that the allocated resources were used effectively and that the companies achieved the desired results to the delight of their customers. The collaboration with Whitebox has been a great success for us as owners and for the companies’ management and employees. The development departments have responded very positively to measurements and improvement suggestions from Whitebox, and the companies’ R&D departments have truly progressed in recent years.

Niels Worning,  Partner,  Polaris Equity

Surprised it can be mapped so fine!

A quick and inexpensive picture of R & D’s overall capability.

Clarity of where it is appropriate to optimize.

Clarity of pitfalls in relation to external collaboration and acquisitions.

Claus Omann,  CEO,  Triax A/S

Productivity will be increased throughout the R&D organization

We initiated a change process with a focus on raising productivity throughout the R&D organization. The approach of CMMI to measuring maturity and pinpointing key areas of focus for maximum productivity gains was in line with the change process we initiated.
The proficient guidance and support from Whitebox throughout the project have been immensely valuable.

Jens Almdal,  SVP Group R&D – Country Manager,

A clearer picture - and simplifying our communication

After conducting a maturity assessment of our company, we chose to focus our improvement efforts on the topic of “requirements specification” in collaboration with Whitebox. During a productive and rewarding day, we discussed various angles and eventually created our own template for future requirements specifications. We anticipate that this will provide us with a much clearer picture and simplify communication in our organization. Whitebox was particularly skilled at breaking down a complex topic and making it practical for a small company like ours.

Henrik Andersen,  CEO,  Carometec A/S

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Whitebox caters to executive leadership seeking unique, cutting-edge strategies that drive growth within product and project development. We are pathfinders for some of the most noticeable Danish companies. We make it possible for management to achieve their strategic goals – faster. We add objectivity and create structure to the improvements needed, matching skills and practices to the demands of a complex world. Along the way, we make management, teams, and employees smarter and more professional.

For many companies, Whitebox is a relevant collaboration partner and sounding board on several levels, as our deep process-knowledge naturally blends into large parts of the business. We share this knowledge both in our unique assessments; but also through workshops or coaching, where we equip the participants with significant knowledge giving them an understanding of other parts of the business that can have an impact on their own performance.

    We deliver what is needed to Graps the Gaps: 

    • between Employee and Employee
    • between Employee and System
    • between Departments (the famous siloes)
    • between Project Group and Steering Group
    • between Product Development and Customer

    Frequently asked question

    What industries do you cover?

    Whitebox specializes in assisting product- and project development focused industries, but our expertise spans a diverse range of sectors.

    What results can we expect?

    With our CMMI-backed consulting, you can expect to see improved efficiency, reduced development time, lower costs, and increased profitability.

    How does implementation work?

    Our skilled consultants will assess your current processes and implement customized CMMI-based solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

    Why choose Whitebox consulting?

    We guarantee elite-level consulting, robust toolbox, tailor-made solutions, and a dedicated team – all contributing to your success.