Charlotte Vendelbo

How to implement successfully

– you won’t get a second chance!

To implement a significant change successfully in your business, it’s essential to carefully consider the context and choose an appropriate change strategy. There are ten distinct strategies available, each effective under specific circumstances, so selecting the right one is critical for success.

To facilitate this decision-making process and ensure alignment within the leadership team, a Proof of Strategy” can be used. This approach is designed to minimize the risk of failure resulting from an inadequate strategy and to initiate change using a strategy that fits best with the project’s unique circumstances and the company’s culture.


The ImprovAbility model identifies 17 essential factors pivotal for achieving success in a change project. Subsequently, a “Proof of Project” scrutinizes these factors comprehensively, assessing the need for specific actions, such as training or adjustments, to ensure project success.

In the initial stages of a project, the “Proof of Project” plays a crucial role in defining the project’s optimal framework and conducting an encompassing risk assessment.

As the project advances, the “Proof of Project” offers swift and impartial evaluations of the project’s status. It also provides recommendations on the most efficient methods to offer support.

Case study:

One of our significant clients had approximately 40 projects analyzed and compared, providing them with unique insights on managing and prioritizing their projects effectively (chart on left side).