Project  rISK  RADAR 

The safest way to

minimize cost overruns

Morten Korsaa

mitigate project risks upfront

– or navigate through cumbersome costly regulations

when things have gone wrong 



If you’re concerned about potential project cost overruns, our Whitebox PROJECT RISK RADAR is purpose-built to draw upon over 35 years of project assessment and support expertise to help you avoid these pitfalls.

Time is of the essence. Research indicates that critical decisions made by various stakeholders during project initiation can have far-reaching consequences. While most stakeholders act in good faith, the long-term impact of their decisions may lead to various issues down the line. Predicting, identifying, and addressing these concerns promptly is where Whitebox’s decades of experience shine.

With Whitebox Project RISK RADAR, you’ll embark on your project with confidence. Our proactive coaching support becomes your guiding force once you engage with Whitebox.

To enhance your project’s success, Whitebox’s senior partners will:

  1. Act as advocates for your project.
  2. Identify and prioritize the most significant risks to project costs and performance.
  3. Define the necessary competencies required for effective mitigation.
  4. Encourage and facilitate the most suitable mitigation strategies.

This tailored approach ensures that your project starts on the right track and stays there, thanks to Whitebox’s wealth of experience and proactive guidance.

    Risk mitigation Toolbox

    Mission: to support your projects with Predictability & Performance

    The Whitebox toolbox is full of unique workshops, techniques, and training with a proven track record from leading industry companies. A Whitebox Project Primer is a service designed to make you confident that your project will take off in the best possible framework, including:

    • A consensus that is established around the real needs of all the relevant stakeholders.
    • A consensus that is established around the appropriate level of requirements for the solution.
    • A steering group that includes all required competencies and is capable of making decisions in due time.
    • A realistic budget that allows the project team to be efficient.
    • Progress reporting based on leading indicators that enable you to take proactive actions.
    • A modular architecture designed to break the project into manageable chunks.
    • An intelligent tender process designed to engage the most capable supplier.
    • A contract established with common goals and incentives supporting the project’s success.
    • A high-performing customer and supplier project team that works against the same goal.


    Whitebox has a unique take on each of these bullet points, and we look forward to discussing them in your specific context.

    Whitebox knows from +700 assessments:

    • Such a framework is exceptionally rare.
    • The absence has a devastating consequence for the project’s final performance.
    • What it takes to establish the framework.

    Your benefit from establishing this framework is a project with double-up performance.

    Learning from past projects is the best way to baseline performance

    and set ambitions for your next project

    On one side of the spectrum, your project holds the potential to replicate the astounding efficiency witnessed during the construction of the Empire State Building in 1931. This iconic structure was successfully completed within a mere 1 year and 44 days, wrapping up under budget and even ahead of its scheduled opening by several weeks.

    Conversely, on the opposite end of the spectrum, your project might confront challenges reminiscent of those encountered during the construction of the Sydney Opera House. This celebrated landmark, plagued by budget overruns of a staggering 1300%, suffered a 10-year delay from its original timeline. So, what level of ambition do you envision?

    Whitebox PROJECT RISK RADAR positions your project on the scale and PROJECT PRIMER moves your project towards the more efficient end of this scale.


    Our careful evaluations expose underlying risks, empowering stakeholders with the right knowledge to mitigate and minimize project risks.

    Unlock the Power of Project Risk Awareness

    Curious? Take the “Risk Awareness Test” and get Whitebox’s quick&dirty risk assessment based on your input, or feel free to benefit from your own reflection on your answers.