Urban Spice  MODEL

for  Smart City  success

A much more efficient, effective and controlled implementation of a Smart City


Will enhance: 

  • Resilient, sustainable and coherent solutions
  • Foundation for sustainable digitalization transformation
  • Smart Governance
  • Transparent Governance
  • Monitor the ability to develop a Smart City

Jørn Johansen

What is implementing a Smart CitY 

Implementing a Smart City, with everything that lies under that umbrella (climate plans, sustainability, digitization …) is very complex.


  • Success requires that the municipality has capabilities that is different and far more complex than usual city administration.
  • Therefore, we have developed a model (for municipalities and regions) that concretizes what is important to success.
  • The processes that must be performed well by competent people supported by methods and tools.
  • If the municipalities and regions perform these processes well, they are capable to effectively implement a Smart City, in strong collaboration and partnerships with stakeholders like e.g., utilities, universities, NGO’s and of cause the citizens.

An assessment using the urbanSPICE model will show the strengths and weaknesses of the municipality today in relation to Smart City initiatives – e.g., to implement a given sets of goal in a climate plan.

The purpose of the urbanSPICE maturity model is to strengthen municipalities and regions capabilities to succeed in the very complex world of smart cities.

Empowering Smart City Success:

Our  Tailored  Model  for

Municipalities  and  Regions

Embarking on the journey to implement a Smart City, encompassing vital aspects like climate plans, sustainability, and digitization, is a profoundly intricate endeavor. Achieving success demands a level of municipal capability that transcends traditional city administration.

In response to this challenge, we have crafted a comprehensive model tailored for municipalities and regions. This model precisely delineates the key elements critical for success: the seamless execution of processes by skilled individuals, fortified by effective methodologies and tools.

By excelling in these processes, municipalities and regions can adeptly navigate the complexities of implementing a Smart City. This, in turn, hinges on robust collaboration and partnerships with stakeholders, such as utilities, universities, NGOs, and, notably, the citizens.

A thorough evaluation utilizing the urbanSPICE model illuminates the current strengths and weaknesses of a municipality concerning Smart City initiatives. For instance, it sheds light on its ability to realize specific goals outlined in a climate plan.

The urbanSPICE maturity model serves a pivotal purpose – fortifying the capabilities of municipalities and regions. In the dynamic landscape of smart cities, our aim is to empower them to thrive amidst complexity and achieve lasting success.