Whitebox Expectations is Whitebox’s promise to strengthen the weakest link in the value chain from idea to delivery. Based on the experienced problems expressed during interviews in 700+ maturity assessments and the following recommended improvements, we found that the industry need a new way of developing and managing the input to ’’technical engineering’’. We name the concept Expectations Engineering (EE).

Whitebox Expectations constitutes an ambitious learning system designed to implement Expectations Engineering, which easily can be configured in relation to roles, problems, scope, and context

High Performance and excellent results by

Managing Expectations


Whitebox Expectations is the recipe for achieving your project goals on time, with less rework, and greater productivity.


It will be essential to have a strong innovation muscle to win tomorrows marketplace. However, the scarcity of capacities and the funding of such innovation muscle is a headache. This is why it is so important to understand these two figures.


It’s very much about the requirements:

Good requirements =>

Good results.


Expectations Engineering is a learning system developed based on experience gained from analyzing over 1200 project teams. Offered as e-learning and as group training.