Steve Jobs’ Speech to the Academy of Achievements, June 1982:

“A lot of it is the ability to zoom out. Like, you are in a city, and you could look at the whole thing from about the 80th floor down at the city. And while other people are trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B reading these stupid little maps – you could just see it all out in front of you. You can see the whole thing – and you can make connections that just seem obvious because you can see the whole thing”.

Look here for the quick route to a structured overview.
Within a week we can provide you with a very accurate picture of how valuable and fit for purpose your processes are.


We look into your tools and interview key employees – and deliver a clear overview including three recommendations on which areas will benefit from adjustments.

Here you will find services which provides answers to:

  • Where you are at compared to the competition / the industry ?
  • Where are your strengths and where are your weaknesses with  regards to your processes
  • What makes most sense to improve?

We find the weakest link in the

product/project development

– because that’s where the potential is hidden!

Based on the CMMI frameworks (authorized to give metrics for the US courtroom), Whitebox has over the past 25+ years developed assessments services which serves as valuable insights for Denmarks most noticeable product/project development organisations.

And when being persistent in pursuing elevated performance through enhanced maturity, the numbers follow in the balancesheet.